15 June 2017

Create The Illusion of a Bigger Bathroom

Oh to have a bathroom like that. Ours is ultra tiny and we are always trying out new ways to make the space look bigger and create more room. If you have an ensuite bathroom, then you're very lucky. There is something so elegant and suave about having your very own bathroom.

Like with a regular family bathroom. if it's a little smaller than what you wanted though, don't splash the cash on expanding it right away, as there are many different tricks that you can do in order to make it appear a lot bigger than it actually is.

Here are a few things that we have tried out.

Use the same floor and walls
Whether you prefer a tiled finish with marble, or maybe wood is more your style - whatever it may be, if you use the exact same material on your floors and your walls, it will create the illusion of a bigger bathroom because there is no dead end as there usually would be.

We now have a pale grey sparkly floor and a grey matching door. This has definately made it look like we have more floor space that we actually do.

Furnish wisely
If you try and fit in large pieces of furniture into a small bathroom - it's obviously just going to look even smaller. So stick to the things that you really need and try not going overboard. That doesn't mean you can't add your quirkiness; you just need to prioritize. Remember that vanity units are great for storage, so the more you can get in there - the more space you will have on the outside.

The only thing using the floor space in our bathroom now, apart from the necessities is a corner washing basket that fits in perfect between the shower and the sink.

Add accessories
Accessories are a great way to add more to your bathroom without having to spend much. It can really improve a dull, compact space, by brightening it up and adding some personality. Even just going as far as adding a little plant in the corner, or on the windowsill will make a difference. A mini bonsai plant would be perfect.

The mirror trick
Many interior designers use this trick all the time because it really does work. Mirrors reflect light, which creates the impression of space. So when strategically placed, your room could actually end up looking double the size. If you have a window letting in natural light, put the mirror facing it so more light will be able to bounce off.

We have mirror in our vanity cabinet and also a huge one on the opposing wall, which really creates the illusion of more space.

Fit a sunken bath
We have a walk in shower only instead of a bath, but if you prefer a bathtub instead of a shower, think about how much space you could save if you install a sunken bath, let alone how fancy it would be. The same kind of thing goes for sinks too; you can find a variety of undermount sinks at Tap Warehouse that fit in with your cabinet or countertop, so you have a lot more room.

Think within the box
If you have a lot of products that you can't throw out, but very minimal space to use in the bathroom (and your budget is a very restricted one,) then go basic. Buy a box, and put everything in it. There are plenty of nice looking boxes out there on the market that are made out of wicker or wood, that look really pretty. So it's not as brutal as it sounds - but it's efficient enough for now.

Stack it up
If you're thinking of adding an open cabinet, instead of going wide - go high instead. This will save you a lot of floor space to move around in. As long as you can reach what you need, this is a great option, not only for your bathroom but for any area within your home.

Befriend the shelves
Shelves are a brilliant way to save space and also add to the atmosphere. If you want to be a little ‘out there’, then don't go for a neutral colour, choose a bright blue or orange instead. Invisible shelves do just what the name implies; they look as if they're floating on the wall, so this, paired with a pop of colour will look pretty damn cool.

Don't clutter it up
We all know that there is nothing pretty about clutter. It makes a room look messy and disorganised, and if you have a relatively small space to deal with - it's not going to help the situation. So don't leave out your makeup brushes, nail varnish or hair spray on top of the countertop - find a proper home for it all. Not only will this look a lot neater, but you will also avoid losing your favorite beauty blender.

*Collaborative Post

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