1 June 2017

5 Tips for Organising Your Home

When it comes to our homes, there’s nothing worse than trying to relax, looking around and seeing nothing but a mess. There are some experts who think that having a disorganized home leads to a disorganized mind. What damage might you be doing, just because you haven’t taken steps to get everything in order? Luckily, it’s never too late to take control. Follow our five steps below, and you’ll be on course to having a home you love to spend time in.
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Keep on Top of the Tidying

Yes, you’ll have to do one big tidy first. Make sure you get your home to a good standard, a standard that you’ll work to maintain. Once the big tidy is done, it’s all about staying on top of it. If you see some untidiness starting to creep in, make sure you take care of it straight away. Living our lives with the tidiness of our home at the forefront of our mind is the best way to have an organized home. Like everything else in life, it’s all about being proactive!

Storage Space

Most people don’t mean to disorganized. It’s just that they don’t have enough storage to prevent from being otherwise. If we have enough space for all our items, then it can’t get too disorganized, can it? Add more storage, even in areas that are usually quite simple. Adding bathroom furniture will give you space to keep your toiletries and other bathroom essentials out of site. You can also some creative storage solutions around your home, like under the stairs under tables and the like. You don’t have to get rid of all your belongings to stay organized: you just need to keep them out of sight!

Keep the Everyday Together

All too often, it’s the awkward stuff that disrupts the organization of a place. Things like shoes, coats, keys, and the like, the things we use every day, are the ones that are pretty to keep organized. Instead of just putting them wherever you happen to land, keep them all in one place. Shoes can be kept in a shoe rack by the front door; coats on a hanger there also. This will also stop from having to locate these everyday items every time you leave the house.

Don’t Be A Consumer

One of the simplest ways to be more organized is to have less stuff. Before you go and buy things, ask yourself if you actually have the space to keep it. If you do, great, but if you don’t, then maybe leave it on the shelf for the time being. And talking of stuff….


People keep much more things in their home than they actually need. It clutters up the home and our mind. Go through the home and see what can stay and what should go; you might clear a lot of space just by getting rid of a whole bunch of items you would have never used again. You’ll have space, and a charity shop will get something to sell. Everybody wins!

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