19 July 2014

Suspender Tights Giveaway!

You may be aware that I have been size testing tights for the company Pamela Mann

They have recently sent me some more tights, the Solid Bow Suspender Effect Tights and having tried them on in the 28-32, I can again confirm that the tights are running very small as these would be far better suited to a 20-26.  

I was a little dubious about wearing suspender tights, I thought that they might look a bit tacky.  After trying them on however, I have to admit that I totally love them and I can't wait to style them up with an outfit because they actually make me feel sexy which isn't usual for tights!
 photo C360_2014-07-18-11-24-02-636_zpscb9eae36.jpg

 photo C360_2014-07-18-11-28-04-948_zps2319ff34.jpg

 photo 5099_Black_20-26_main_zpsc7a4673e.jpg
I think that the bows are technically supposed to be worn at the front, but I rather liked the flash of the bow at the back.   Now Pamela Mann sent me a second pair of the bow suspender effect tights to give away, again in the same size of 28-32 which I can confirm having tried mine on, would perfectly fit a 20-26.

So if you want to win these tights, enter the Rafflecopter as below!

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  1. They look so good and are something I am yet to try! x

  2. Shame they run small but these look like great tights! I agree that the bows look better at the back - it's more of a cheeky look ;-) x

  3. my jumper dress n ugg boots x

  4. have to treat myself to a new dress or skirt......

  5. Cute tights! I'd wear them with shorter skater dresses. xx

  6. Lynsey Buchanan20 July 2014 at 17:44

    A nice black dress

  7. Would go well with my Lipsy dress

  8. Love these tights, but am an avid fan of Pamela Mann anyway (also doing some fit test for them). I will soon have a giveaway up too, different style, so watch this space!

  9. I would wear them with a 1950s tea dress as I love retro!

  10. I'd love to wear them with a pretty tunic ! x


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