4 July 2014

Making Fashion Work For You

Whether it is something to do with the fact that I am now (whispers) 35, but the length I prefer on dresses and skirts has definitely lengthened.

Up until the past couple of years I was happy to wear an above the knee length but now when out shopping I finding myself leaning towards the below the knee and midi lengths.  Myself and leggings have never really taken to each other so they are not an option for the shorter lengths either.

How something fits is equally growing more important as the years go by in that I no longer want to have to compromise on the fit. 

What I think that we all tend to forget, or at least me anyway, is that we don't have to compromise on fit and lengths can be changed according to what you want.  Sewing services are available everywhere and for between £8.00 - £10.00 (Lancashire pricing anyway) you can get items altered to how you want them to look.

Whenever I go shopping now I always bear this in mind and when I see a dress (my go to item as you know) I always kept seamstress services in mind.

This dress for example I bought in a recent shopping trip to Manchester at +Yours Clothing   The dress started out as a maxi dress but straight off the hanger I knew that, on me, it would work perfectly at a just under the knee length.  So I bought it and had it altered to how I wanted (seamstress in this case being my talented mum).

 photo IMG_20140703_193723_zpsb1f9416b.jpg
Obligatory pout shot
 photo DSC02723_zpsd3ab5052.jpg

 photo DSC02721_zps675bf447.jpg

 photo DSC02725_zpsa5e31391.jpg

Having tried the dress on I think we ended up taking about 5 inches off the dress and it really does make a difference.

Have you been making your fashion work for you lately?

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  1. You look lovely and the print of the dress is fab! Great smile in the final pic - we can see how happy you are with this dress x

  2. OMG you look amazing! You look like a 1940s pinup girl! <3 My Mum is my seamstress, too; she comes in handy when my clothes need adjusting! xx

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