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19 July 2014

Suspender Tights Giveaway!

You may be aware that I have been size testing tights for the company Pamela Mann

They have recently sent me some more tights, the Solid Bow Suspender Effect Tights and having tried them on in the 28-32, I can again confirm that the tights are running very small as these would be far better suited to a 20-26.  

I was a little dubious about wearing suspender tights, I thought that they might look a bit tacky.  After trying them on however, I have to admit that I totally love them and I can't wait to style them up with an outfit because they actually make me feel sexy which isn't usual for tights!
 photo C360_2014-07-18-11-24-02-636_zpscb9eae36.jpg

 photo C360_2014-07-18-11-28-04-948_zps2319ff34.jpg

 photo 5099_Black_20-26_main_zpsc7a4673e.jpg
I think that the bows are technically supposed to be worn at the front, but I rather liked the flash of the bow at the back.   Now Pamela Mann sent me a second pair of the bow suspender effect tights to give away, again in the same size of 28-32 which I can confirm having tried mine on, would perfectly fit a 20-26.

So if you want to win these tights, enter the Rafflecopter as below!

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8 July 2014

Pamela Mann Tights

One thing that is the absolute bane of my life, especially in the winter months when they are essential, are tights. 

The combination of trying to find a pair that don’t cost the earth and actually fit is somewhat of a gargantuan task that I have never been able to fix. 

I was contacted recently by Simona at Pamela Mann and asked an unusual, but brilliant request.  How many times have you bought items from a company only to find that the sizing is completely out?  I know I have.  Well Pamela Mann had become aware that some of their sizing wasn’t spot on and so decided to do something about it.   

I was asked if I wouldn’t mind receiving a couple of pairs of tights to check out how the sizing was and give my measurements for a comparative for them to look at.  I was sent the baroque opaque tights and the dogstooth opaque tights in the 28-32 range which was the next section up from what I would ordinary have chosen. 

The baroque tulle tights at 28-32 were a good fit on me at a size 24 and so these are running small.   Here is a picture of the tights.

 photo tights_zps20fc9ac6.jpg

 The dogstooth pattern tights were of a larger fitting and I could pull them up to my bra (which sometimes can be handy) but also there was too much material in the tights and they felt loose on. These were probably then true to size at 28-32. 

Pamela Mann also wanted details of my measurements to include size, height, weight, leg length and thigh circumference and so it was clear that they really wanted to provide a good quality of fit across their plus size tights range. 

I will definitely be buying from them in the future!