26 February 2014

A Night at the Oscars

I can't believe that it is the Oscars next week, that seems to have come around so quickly this year!

One of my favourite things about watching the Oscars is seeing the fashion.  I can't even imagine how excited I would be to go to an event like that, especially with all the designers clamoring to dress you and the amazing jewellery you get to wear.  Sadly that is never going to happen for me, but what I thought that I would do was create a dream Oscars look.

Plus size women are scrutinized even more on the red carpet and more often that not are slated in the press for their choices.  I believe that there is absolutely no reason why you can't look like a million dollars, no matter what your size, so here is would be my look.

I think this outfit would look amazing on the red carpet and is something I would love to wear.  Sadly I think the diamonds may be out of my reach, but a girl can dream!

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