21 February 2014

Competition Time!

I was recently contacted by the lovely Lori of Canvas Design in relation to reviewing a canvas print.

The idea behind this is a great one.  You use one of your own photographs, be it family, friends or something from your holidays and get it printed onto canvas in a size of your choosing.  I have seen a few friends do this previously and was excited to do something myself.

All you have to do is have an image of a quality of 500kb upwards.  You simply upload your image, choose the sizing you require and you are good to go.  The prices are very competitive, starting at £7.99 for a 6 x 6 inch canvas and the delivery is free in the UK.

I choose a film still from my favourite film, Breakfast at Tiffanys together with a quote from Coco Chanel which I feel goes so well with Holly Golightly, "In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different".

I was actually so happy with the canvas print that the next day I ordered another one, more personal this time, a picture of my dad and I when I was a little girl.  I can't wait for that one to arrive.  

I am happy to announce also that Canvas Design have also kindly allowed to me to give away one of the bespoke canvas prints of one of your own photographs, with a size of anything between 6x6 inches to 40x40.  

As an additional bonus for people who don't win the competition, I also have a discount code of BLOG15 in order to get 15% off the price of your order.


  1. I love the photo of you and your dad what a lovely idea x

  2. Super cute pic of you and your dad and a really sweet giveaway idea x

  3. Either a collage of family and pets, or selfies with friends :D

  4. Lovely Giveaway! I would put a picture of something meaningful to me :)

  5. Aw the photo of you and your Dad is going to make a gorgeous canvas! I'd have a hard time narrowing down which photo to pick! Possibly an old family photo, one of my old pets, or a favourite holiday photo from NYC or Perranporth xx

  6. I would put a picture of my children on when they were (unusually) hugging :-)

  7. I would have a print of my cards asking my girlfriend to be my girlfriend.

  8. I love both pics you chose to put on canvas! What a great idea as a giveaway! I would have pic of my daughter put on canvas to preserve the memory for ever x


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