1 March 2014

Bargain Dress

So, I accidentally bought myself a dress.  I really wasn't intending to as I am trying to be good at the moment (like that is ever going to happen!)

I was looking through Ebay in a bored moment on the bus however and came across this little beauty for the bargain price of £10.50 in an Ebay shop.  It was one of those moments where you don't actually think, you just buy because it is that perfect.

The dress came today and I was very impressed.  I love the blue cherry blossom pattern and the fit is just right for me.  I am wearing it with my favourite red shoes which always brings an added smile to my face.

Have you bought anything from Ebay lately?


  1. It's so pretty and so are you! x

  2. Such a pretty dress and the colours are so cheerful! And I still love those shoes! xx

  3. Lovely floral dress!


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