1 February 2014

*Truly Wow Colour Block Skater Dress

I was recently contacted by Marisota and was invited to take part in their Dressolutions Challenge.

Looking through the new season collection, I wanted to find something which pushed my boundaries and also broke some of the so called fashion rules that are placed on us.

What I found was the stylish Truly Wow Colour Block Skater Dress  Although wearing dresses is my thing, I usually tend to go for prints and haven't been able to make colour blocking look right on me.  Also, the whole high neckline is one of the things I am told to avoid.

The coral and black make a bold statement and I love the clean lines of the dress.  I decided that with a long necklace, there was no reason why I couldn't make the dress work for me and so here it is, and I absolutely love it!

Dress - Gifted to me from Marisota
Shoes - SimplyBe - new season
Necklace - charity shop find


  1. You look amazing! You always look fantastic in reds and oranges- definitely your colours! xx

  2. You look gorgeous! I think that color block is usually very flattering. It's one of the trends I love and have also posted on it sometimes.

    Jasmine xx For a Real Woman

  3. The dress fits perfectly, it was a hit at my son's wedding and the shipping was very fast! Thank you for getting it to me before the wedding. LOVE IT!!


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