17 January 2012

Shocking, Apparently

I am going to make a very shocking comment.  Apparently.  I do not want children.

I say “apparently” because I don’t find it a shocking statement.  But I am amazed at the amount of people who, when told (having asked), have reactions that range from scandalised to scathing and some who refuse to believe me.

The most irritating comment I get, on a frequent basis, is “You’ll change your mind”.  I’m sorry, but last time I checked I know my mind very well.  At 32 I’m quite able to make the big decisions.  Or the other classic “You just haven’t met the right man”.

People can, and do make the big decisions all the time.  Meat eater or vegetarian, gay or straight, religious or atheist, the list goes on and on.  All these choices are now socially acceptable.  You always get the idiots of course who will question these choices, but the majority of people will take what you say and that will be it.

But say that you don’t want children and people just don’t understand you. 

I would never dream of asking a parent why they wanted children.  Not just asking, but badgering, asking for detailed reasons.  But if you don’t want offspring, you find yourself under near interrogation sometimes, justifying your choice.

Personally, I am not a “child” person.  I have never had a maternal instinct.  In fact I would be the first person to admit that I am too self absorbed to have children.  I also couldn’t afford one either.  But my views on that particular point are a whole different blog.

So, to the “normal” people, as I have heard referred to as all those who want children as opposed to us “oddballs” who don’t want them, I say this.

I respect your decision to have children, please respect mine not to have them.  I work full time, I pay my taxes and in part, I am financially supporting you in your decision.  Please bear that in mind next time you question my decision.  

Mini rant over.