2 January 2012

New Years Resolutions?

Soooo, New Year’s resolutions.  Don’t really stand much faith with them.

People make them, and then break them.  I know people who already who have  broken theirs.  All drinking related, you alcoholics!

I do have a few things I want to change in my life, but making a “resolution” is not my thing.  So instead, am going to make a list of things I am going to continue doing instead.

1.  Keep ranting.  I love it and haven’t had any complaints (as yet) !

2.  Make sure that at least one holiday planning is on the burner.  You need something to look forward to.

3.  Find a way, any way, to watch every F1 race next season.

4.  To keep saying what I think and not agreeing when I don’t.  Not connected to ranting!

5.  Maintain the absolutely fantastic friendships I have got going.  I love my “jebs” more than anything.

Hope everyone had a fab New Year’s Eve xx

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