12 January 2012

Ranty Ranty

Well. We have reached halfway through the first month of the New Year and as yet, no ranting posts on the blog.  Considering the “Rantthedayaway” title, I felt that it was about time for something of a ranting nature.    It has all become a little bit to much "nicey nicey". 

Trouble is, and I will probably look at this in a couple of weeks and laugh, I don’t have anything to rant about.  This means you can guarantee that I will shortly be inundated with things to rant about.  So instead of a rant about a particular subject, I have a list instead.

Things That Fuck Me Off
         ·            Animal cruelty. 
         ·            Rudeness.
         ·            People who don’t understand sarcasm – actually that’s more of just an irritant.
         ·            Mornings.
         ·            Snow & ice.  I do not like falling over.
         ·            Winter in general.  It’s cold, enough said.
         ·            Liars.  You WILL always get caught out in the end.
         ·            Sebastian Vettel – yes I count him as a thing.
         ·            The fact that until four years ago, I had never seen Formula One.  I was stupid.
         ·            People who hate Twitter and the people who tweet.
         ·            Social network snobs in general.
         ·            People who judge on face level.
         ·            Child proof bottles.  I can’t open them.
         ·            A closed mind.
         ·            Shoes that I can’t walk in.

I think that might do for now.  I could have gone on all day.

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