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24 October 2014

Calendar Girls

One unfortunate side effect of getting older (yes I have to acknowledge that it is happening) is that my memory is not which it used to be.

In my early twenties I used to have a razor-sharp memory, able to recall dates, phone numbers and work file numbers with ease, but these days; after hitting my mid thirties (shush don't tell anyone!) my memory recall has definately taken a dip.

I have recently been looking into ways in which technology can help me with making better use of my time and having solved that with a tablet, I am now looking towards finding a calendar that suits my needs and to assist my forgetful memory.

What I want is a personalised calendar that I can tailor to both my blogging and personal life. With this in mind I decided to check out Photobox and see how they could help me create what I need.

One thing that I like the sound of is being able to upload your own photographs to use for each month. Whether it be family snaps, places you have visited or even quotes that you love, being able to choose my imagery and create a photo calendar specific to me is very appealing.

In the past few weeks I have committed to several monthly projects so being able to choose the starting month of the calendar rather than having to wait until January 2015 makes much more sense. Also, being able to enter my events, birthdays and blogging deadlines on the calendar before it is printed makes for easier reading and is much tidier. Much better than scribbling illegible notes and crossing out when you put an entry on the wrong date.

For an A3 calendar wall calendar with your own photographs costs £17.99 and for just £2.99 you can add in all the events and reminders that you like. Included in the £2.99 cost is the ability to add a photograph keyed to a specific date; great for adding photos for birthdays.

So with my technology sorted and my calendar arranged, my life is much more organised and I can use the extra time to have a glass of wine with a friend or just settle down with a good book. The important things in life.

What aides do you use to organise your life?

22 February 2012

Trashing the Memory Palace

You can read many articles and "How Tos" about memory palaces.   Why you should have one, how much easier is to remember things etc etc.

If you don't know what a memory palace is by the way check out this ->

I think I have the haunted, creepy "You shouldn't go in there Timmy" type of memory palace.  It isn't one that I intentionally created for myself.  It evolved over the years.

I'm not naturally someone who will share their innermost feelings.  I can rant about anything and everything till I am blue in the face, but on the really personal stuff, the stuff that has hurt me and bad memories, I close up very fast.

When I am depressed, when something sad happens or I have a bad experience, my default mode goes into an action. 

  • System check……… Status bad
  • Clean up bots sent in
  • Remove bad thing
  • Tie up with rope
  • Throw into dark cupboard
  • Lock door
  • Reboot
  • System check…… All clear

The haunted memory palace is different from the one that you intentionally create to store your good memories, your facts and figures.   Because the haunted memory palace really does have a ghost in the attic, rattling it’s chains.  There really is something scary around the corner and if you try to open that locked door, something really will jump out and bite you.

Doing the blog over the past year has been cathartic for me.  I get to rant away on passing subjects and things that irritate me and in turn, putting those things on the blog, on paper so to speak, gives me time to sort through the rest of the crap in my head.

So today, I’ve started a mission.  A personal mission.  I’m masterminding a war on the haunted palace and little by little, the curtains will be opened, the light will be let in and the doors will be unlocked.  The ghost in the attic will be evicted.

Because the thing is, just like a real haunted house, you are always at your most scared before you step through the door, and then you tend to find that things aren’t as bad as you originally feared.