2 March 2018

Setting The Ambiance Of Your Home

Setting the ambience of your most cherished home space is important. Not only does it give you somewhere pleasant to retire to after all the work of the day is finished, but it affords you an opportunity to practice self-love. After all, a messy, disorganized home is sure to give you a message. It says ‘you are not living up to your potential, and you know it.’ That’s hardly a positive message to be exposed to every morning. A room is filled with stories, meaning that it can be important to understand how those stories affect you and your space on a daily basis. People who are the most self-actualized and organized usually have tidy home spaces.

However, tidying and cleaning a home is easy. You know what to do after purchasing the products and a quick Google. But is there more to this? Could the ambience, and every other furnishing decision you make have a much larger impact on what your room is trying to tell you? Of course.

If you hope to improve your home space to become a place you truly love and hope to reside in, yet you’re not sure where to start, you are for sure in the right place. The following advice should hopefully help you achieve exactly what you have been desiring:


Lighting is the number one depictor of how ambient your room is. It sets the mood, and provides the visual cue to perceive everything else in your bedroom. You know when you enter a loving bedroom with dimmed warm lights? That’s so much better and relaxing than simply having a bright white night lamp illuminating the room. But there’s more to this than just purchasing the correct lighting fixture, although that can help.

First, we’d recommend ensuring that your home lights are energy bulbs where you can afford them. Not only does this save you money over a period of time, but the slow illumination of the bulb also does wonders to slowly make the room transform into your space, rather than quickly and bluntly lighting the place. It can be more of a romantic feeling to allow for this slow burn to happen. Also, consider the direction the light is pointing in. If a corner light isn’t illuminating the room as well as it could be, you might want to shift positions, especially if it’s distracting you or taking away from the focal point of the room.

Next, you want to ensure that your natural light is having its time in the day. Natural light from the sun will always be better than anything you can install or buy in a home furnishing store, and this light can be customized and directed to a degree using custom indoor blinds first and foremost. You might also decide to get a little jazzy with the whole affair, installing LED’s around the backlight of your television or along your bookshelf. Just be sure to have no more than two or three lights in your room at any one time (depending on size,) because there is such as thing as clashing light, and this can take away from the design. There’s no problem with having many lighting fixtures in a single room, so long as you’re happy that you can tailor and customize them depending on the room you’re in.

Ambient light can also make for a great personal statement. For example, a cursive pink neon sign above your bed that states ‘Queen’ can certainly add to the showmanship with which you consider your self-worth, adding a little bit of fun to the whole affair. Life is short, so why not?


While it’s not exactly a home feature to install from a hardware store, ambience is almost exclusively dictated by the music you play. However, you need to get this right. You might be the biggest metalhead in the world, but do you really want that playing loudly in all rooms of your house? Not to mention the aggressive you’ll likely receive from your neighbors.

With the prevalence of Spotify and Apple Music, alongside features that afford playing different music in every room, this has never been easier to set up. You might consider making a few deep playlists filled with beautiful music you enjoy. For example, a great classical soundtrack during your introspective reading moments, or lighthearted jazz or soulful music whenever you’re making dinner. Whatever makes you shake  your tailfeather is usually quite a good option to choose first and foremost. Even if you live alone, this can be a wonderful way to spice up the interior taste of your home. The best homes always have an undercurrent of rhythm and music, and this is the most direct way to achieve that.

What do you think new people entering your home will be impressed by first? Your three thousand dollar coffee table, or the relaxed and smooth tones of jazz welcoming them into a home with love? We’d say sensory perceptions overwrite all.


That’s right, your home has a fragrance. You might remember heading over to the houses of friends in your childhood, and noticing that their house smelled exactly the way their laundry did. Homes have their own smell that builds up for many reasons, such as the fragrances they use, the detergent they clean with, and usually the amount of pets they have. We have stated that sensory perception overwrites all, so this is a great place to also start. For example, using odor replacement sprays and installing timed fragrances in the main rooms of your home (especially the entrance!) can help things smell more inviting when someone new comes in.

If you have pets, ensuring they are washed regularly can help, as can designating an exact space where they eat, drink and sleep (not your bedroom!) If you know people are coming round, keeping a nice assortment of scented candles can also work wonders in helping your home feel and look stunningly inviting.

With these tips, you can be sure that your home has the most ambience of all in your area.

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