26 March 2018

Decorating Your Ceilings

The ceiling. It’s something we don’t tend to think much about unless we’ve got a crack in it or the water from the bathroom is suddenly spilling through. However, it’s one of the best places in the house to flex your creative muscle! We’ve talked about what to do with your floors, so let’s turn our attention upwards. It’s time to focus a little on the ceiling, and how decorating it can really bring a room together. You might feel like your space is a little empty if you have minimal possessions to your name (don’t worry, you can easily build on this!), and thus filling a room with a little more life is a must!

Try Hand Painting

If you’ve got enough confidence in your ability with a paint brush, it’d be a good idea to take to painting any designs on yourself. Just imagine being able to look up at your ceiling and seeing an entire constellation there, or a misty woods full of flowers and sprites! Just like the Sistine Chapel, it can be a real work of art when you set your mind to it!

So if you’ve got the paint and a ladder that’s tall enough to get you within head height of the upper floor, try this idea out. Whatever you choose to do with your hand painted masterpiece, try to blend its colours in with the rest of the room. Darker shades work well for bedrooms, and neutral colours in the kitchen are always going to be popular with your marble or hardwood countertops.

Hang Up Some Curtains

If you hang up blackout curtains from the ceiling, you can easily separate one half of a room out from the other. This works particularly well in the bedroom, and can give your bed a little more privacy when you’re in it. Yet, you can hang curtains up anywhere in your house, and you don’t even need to use nails to do so.

It can be a great way to get some of your own space when it comes to other rooms as well, especially if you share a house. If the curtain is done, no one is allowed to enter! Then you can get on with whatever work needs doing.

Get into the Loft

Most houses and flats have some sort of loft to them, and if yours is big enough to stand up in, it doesn’t just have to be storeroom anymore. Maybe it’s a place where all your grandmother’s old dolls are kept, but they can be stacked neatly in boxes off to the side. It’s time for you to convert the rest of the space into a sitting room.

Whatever you choose to do with your new room will work wonders when you know you can be safe there. Look into Loft Panel Next Day Delivery to keep any essential wires (electricity) out of your face immediately.

Your ceiling doesn’t have to be left white or bumpy; try out these ideas!

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