9 June 2015

A Rail Affair

Many years ago, I got a new wardrobe for my room.  Looking back now, it was always going to be too big.  Like Alice in Wonderland, the furniture all seemed to be huge in a small room with me, like Alice, sat in the middle.

The wardrobe was so large that I could not even open one of the doors properly.  Sitting at the end of my bed, the only place that it would fit, I was able to open one door fully but the other only slightly.  Gaining access to everything was somewhat problematic to say the least.

The danger of building flat pack furniture is that by the time you have built it up, there is no way you are taking that sucker down again!

The thing is though, back then and until recently the past couple of years; it did not matter.  Why do you need to search through clothes to wear when everything is black?  When your work clothes are the standard black trousers, black top and your evening consists of a couple of black dresses and black evening tops?  It did not matter therefore that only half of my wardrobe was accessible to me, as all my clothes were the same.

Fast forward a few years and my wardrobe is full of colour, prettiness and wonderment.  No longer did I want to hide my clothes away in disgust.  I decided to do away with my wardrobe and have a rail put up instead.  More room and some of my dresses would be on view.

This view makes me smile every morning when I wake up.  Not because I am thinking "Look how many dresses I have" but instead "Look how far I have come".

photo ward 2_zpsy5s5yp9w.jpg

When you have limited space in a bedroom it is always better to look for clever storage and units that do not take up much room 


  1. I most definitely need one of these rails - I'm currently boasting a floor, chair, and desk drobe!

    www.gingergirlsays.com / @misscharl

  2. I love it when I see wardrobes full of colour and patterns, like yours! It makes me smile. I could definitely do with a couple of these rails for my clothes, but I don't have enough floor space. :( xx

  3. I too have a rail. One end is full of beautiful dresses full of colour and style. The other end is full of black. Until recently, I only wore the black clothes. The colourful ones just hung there immaculate, some with labels still attached , waiting for the time when my skin/weight/hair was worthy of such beauty. Well that's all changed now. I am good enough as I am and now I am able to enjoy the whole rail- minus a few of the drab black garments that I no longer deem worthy of my rail.


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