30 May 2015

Say It With Flowers

I was recently contacted by an international flower delivery website called FloraQueen International and asked if I would like to choose a bouquet of flowers from their large online selection to send to someone.

I love flowers.  If I had my way, we would have a big bouquet of colourful flowers in the house permanently.  They brighten up any room, can lift your mood and come in so many varieties that you can always have a different combination whenever you wish.

I chose to send flowers to my mum as a surprise to her and as an added bonus, given that I am living with her, I get to enjoy them too!

The website is very simple to use.  You choose the country where you wish to send the flowers and then pick the bouquet that is perfect for you.  I choose the Intensity Bouquet which is priced at £39.00 and here is what I received:

The flower order is outsourced by FloraQueen to a florist local to the delivery address and in my case, this turned out to be a florist only five minutes down the road from me.  

We received the flowers exactly one week ago as I write this post and the bouquet is still going strong and looking just as beautiful.  The lillies which were included were a nice surprise (I love lillies) and opened up yesterday so I will still be enjoying them for some days to come.

Do you love having fresh flowers in your home?

*These flowers were gifted to me but all opinions are my own

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