19 June 2015

In Your Eyes

When it comes to maintaining our heath and keeping up our appearances, most of us have a set routine that we follow.

We visit the dentist twice a year for check ups and cleaning, we get our hair cut every 6-8 weeks; we go for regular beauty treatments and we visit our doctor for any medication we may need.  All of these things are set features in our lives, things that we know need to be done and yet; there is one essential appointment that we always forget.

Getting our eyes tested.

For something as vital as ensuring that our eyesight is maintained, many of us are quite lackadaisical about getting them checked.

The College of Optometrists recommends that everyone over the age of 16 should be having an eye test every two years.  Personally, I am ashamed to admit that I have not had an eye sight examination in around ten years.  Considering that I work with computer screens 5 days a week and therefore my sight is more at risk, you would think that this would make me more careful.

Eye tests do not only examine your sight, they can also pick up other problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes.  There is also research currently being carried out in order to discover whether an eye test could also spot early Alzheimer's Disease, being symptoms have presented. 

Having decided that it is high time I did so, I am now going to be arranging an eye test.  Having done my research I have decided to go with Optical Express as I like the charity work that they do and the projects they work with; particularly Vision Aid Overseas and Lightforce International.

Many businesses have plans in place with opticians in order to offer employees eye test for free or alternatively offer recompense when presented with a receipt.   You can arrange an eye test for around £30.00 and depending on your circumstances, you may be able to arrange this for free through the NHS.

Our eye sight is so important and is something that we should no neglect.  So if you have, like me, been forgetful about your appointments, arrange one today! 

* This post is in collaboration with Optical Express but all opinions are my own

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  1. As someone with seriously bad eyesight I have my eyes checked and tested every year, I have worn glasses since I was 2 but transitioned to hard contact lens when I was 15, that was a strange process as putting a hard piece of plastic in your eye means that every time you blink you can feel your eyelid hit this plastic, it took about a month before I didnt notice the flick anymore, now I dont feel them at all well expect when I get dust or a hair in my eye then it feels like someone just poked it with a needle. Eyes and teeth are the two things people neglect the most, I know if I didnt have a dentist who insisted on appointments months in advance I'd never go, I am petrified of the dentist. People really shouldn't take their sight for granted, I live with the possibility of loosing it every day due to very weak retina and the fact that on a good day with my lens in I can see about 6 feet away, my sight is declining year by year and at some point I will go blind, but I dont think about that, it would depress me, at least I can still see now and thats what matters not a maybe down the road.


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