17 November 2014

I Feel Good

You know sometimes when you spend ages getting ready for a night out, an event or even just a blog post, and the reflection in mirror isn't what you hoped? This challenge is for those times when you look in the mirror, no pre planning involved, and think "I look good today". 

We all have our good days and our bad, but this challenge is to record those good days and to remember that confidence, at any size, is beautiful.

Just like the Mad Hatter I am late again!  Today though I thought that I would share something a little different.  A rare shot of me with my hair up.  Hope Monday isn't treating you too badly!


  1. You are gorgeous inside and out, every single day. Being a good person is what makes you so beautiful x Your eyes are particularly stunning in this pic, amazing! x

  2. Very pretty. Also love the top/dress.

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