7 October 2014

Suits You 4

I am more than a little late with this challenge I have to say sorry to Sally-Anne Wills whom I have been allocated this month.

Twitter: @sallywills
Instagram: @sallywills

I am trying my best to fit my blog into the whirlwind of things that are happening in my personal life at the moment but it doesn’t always work when you have hospital visits and a million other distractions.

I met Sally at my first ever event in London and she was very lovely, tweeting me before the event when I was nervous and scared to go in on my own!

I have looked through some of her recent outfit of the day posts and have put together this ensemble, I hope she likes it!

Vintage Floral Belted Dress - Yours Clothing
Shoe Boots - Yours Clothing
Pearl Infinity Bracelet from NotontheHighStreet

Please take a moment to check out the other ladies who are also involved in the styling challenge!

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