10 September 2014

Fast Affordable Fashion

I was recently on the hunt for a new black cardigan when I came across a fashion site that I hadn't come across before called Wear All that I thought that I would share with you.  

Sites that have fast, affordable fashion that cater to plus size ranges are few and far between and after a few items accidentally dropped into my shopping basket, I thought I would show you my new outfit!

Margaret Crochet Knitted Cardigan £9.00 from Wearall
found here

Floral Print V Neck Sleeveless Dress from Wearall
Found here
 I didn't intend to pair the two together originally, but upon getting the dress through the post, I wasn't entirely sure about the bodycon fit on me.  I loved the colours and design of the skirt so much however that I decided to do a Tim Gunn and "make it work".

Spending less than £25.00 on a dress and cardigan is my idea of a bargain so I have put together some other items from the site that I love and intend to buy to start off my new Autumn/Winter season (even though I am in denial that Autumn is fast approaching).


I love finding new places to shop and with each of these items less than £20.00, even my bank manager can't object ;)

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