12 September 2014

Don't Be A Dick

I have received various different versions of the same article from various friends and people I know lately.  Which one?  The "Fat shaming does not help people lose weight, study finds".  I know that the intention of passing these articles to me was good, but what has actually happened is that I swiftly became irate. 

After reading various incarnations of the same kind of article, I confess that I am at the erupting volcano stage so rather than vent my anger on an unsuspecting friend or colleague, I will write here instead. 

So, fat shaming does not help people lose weight; no shit Sherlock!  I do not need a study to tell me that.  I also do not need a study to tell me that discrimination against fat people is a real thing.   

Is there actually anyone out there that does not realise that fat people are discriminated against, victimised and bullied?  The Times have reported in a recent article that " Fat-shaming is one of the last socially acceptable forms of prejudice, and should be viewed like racism and sexism" and I wholeheartedly agree.

What was laughable was the amount of articles that I read that clearly had no idea as to the extent of fat-shaming that goes on.  I read in this article in the Guardian that "Research suggests even doctors can unwittingly harbour negative attitudes and assumptions about fat people".  Are you FUCKING KIDDING me?  UNWITTINGLY?   

Have you met any fat people who have spoken to doctors?  

I'm depressed and need counselling  - lose weight and then you will be happy

I fell over and broke my toe                - lose weight that will help

I strained my wrist                               - just lose weight it will feel better

I see purple people                              - diet and I am sure that they will go away 

If you are fat, every ailment that you may have is put down to how much you weigh.   

I went to the doctors to ask about counselling.  I knew what my issues were which was nothing to do with the fact that I was fat.  I was told that if I lost weight, I would be happier and therefore not need counselling.   

I was not aware that a medical degree also enables you to read minds and see what people are thinking.  I also was not aware that a medical degree gets you a free bonus psychology degree either. 

How dare you to presume to think that I am unhappy because I am fat?   

How about instead of "Fat Shaming does not help people lose weight" the title was simply "Don't fat shame".  Concise, easy to remember, to the point.  Another way would be to quote one of my favourite shows The Last Leg. 



  1. Yes! I love this post. I have some Dr horror stories too. Ugh. x

  2. A-fucking-men! And here I was thinking that bullying a person miraculously causes them to drop six dress sizes over night! Idiots! I agree that fat-shaming seems to be the last acceptable form of discrimination, but I can't see society clamping down on fat-shamers. Ever. I've had my weight used as an excuse by doctors and people in my day to day life, too. Surely it should be seen as negligence when doctors ignore a person's ailments or health concerns, and just immediately blame it on their weight? It's sad that so many people are so narrow-minded. xx

  3. I hate how this whole thing has been framed around how effective it is on fat people losing weight, rather than it's shitty behaviour to bully and abuse ANYONE. As if ones quality of life can ONLY be good if one achieves thinness, that being able to live our lives in dignity and respect is nothing.

    Who gives a toss whether it helps people lose weight or not - it's ETHICALLY WRONG to bully and abuse anyone for any reason.

  4. THIS!!!! OMG THIS! I love this, exactly what I think everyone time I see one of those 'articles'. Oh really?! That's a fact?! NO fucking way?!


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