3 March 2014

99p Dresses

I have heard of companies using a marketing ploy of seeing off a certain number of dresses at ridiculously cheap prices before but have always been wary.

You see the advert for a 99p dress and immediately think that the quality is going to be terrible, the fit isn’t going to be right and the dress will invariably fall apart in the wash after the first wear.

When I heard that +Yours Clothing  were selling off five different dresses for 99p however, my curiosity was piqued.  I love their clothing, the quality is always good and although I wasn’t sure what the fit would be like, for 99p I was more than willing to give it a go!

I went for the purple dress with the cross over top and full pleated skirt.  It looked like something Marilyn Monroe wore in that infamous scene in The Seven Year Itch and that was more than enough reason to buy it.

The fantastic Debz from WannabePrincess came up with the idea of us all sharing our dresses in the same week, with each dress on a different day: 

Monday 3rd March - Purple Dress
Tuesday 4th March - Black and White Chiffon Dress
Wednesday 5th March - Black Bodycon Dress
Thursday 6th March - Red and Black Dress
Friday 7th March - Polka Dot Dress

Here’s how mine turned out!

The quality of the dress is perfect, silky to the touch and doesn't turn see through when it hits the sun as you can sometimes find with these sorts of dresses.  I love the fit and it will definately be making an appearance on my next night out!

Since the sale I have since seen the dress available to buy for £40.00 so I indeed got an amazing bargain!


  1. You look great in it! I got this one (and two others, oops!) I love how soft and silky it is. x

  2. Wow, this dress looks amazing on you! Purple really is your colour! I missed out on the 99p dresses by a couple of hours, but I'm glad quite a few ps bloggers were able to nab themselves an amazing bargain! xx

  3. You looks beautiful !


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