10 December 2013

Christmas Party Dresses

I am in a Christmas party dress quandary and I have no clue which way to go.  I guess that it is a nice position to be in, actually having two dresses to decide between so I can’t complain!

I have been toing and froing between these two dresses for weeks now and still no decision has been made, so what I decided to do was create a blog post and hopefully make my decision from there.  All comments would be greatly appreciated!

The event by the way for a bit of background information is dinner and dancing at a lovely country hotel/restaurant.

The first dress I have in mind is the beautiful peacock print dress as designed by the lovely Em for +Simply Be . 

I also have some gorgeous black glittery shoes to go with it.  I haven’t actually worn this dress yet so am itching for the right place to wear it.  Question is though, do I want to be so far in my comfort zone or do I want to wear something brighter to celebrate how far I have come on the colour front???

The second option therefore is the Sorrento Clothing cartoon print dress. 
I loved this dress from afar for ages but didn’t pluck up the courage to buy it until I attended Plus North.  I actually wore it on that night along with my favourite red shoes (below). 

The thing is, the dress doesn’t exactly scream Christmas now does it. 

Someone help me decide!!!!



  1. Im biased because I have the 2nd dress (the yours version which I think is probably the same- http://www.yoursclothing.co.uk/P/Multi_Coloured_Cartoon_Print_Skater_Dress_With_Mesh_Panel-(19639).aspx) and I looooove it.
    I was the same as you, admired it from afar but then went for it and decided it has to be my new year party dress. Its not entirely festive but its fun! X

  2. I'd go with Em's dress, as I think it looks stunning x

  3. I'm biased because I have that dress, as you know, but the Em one looks lovely on you. x

  4. They both look fabulous on you, so it's really hard to pick! I really do love the shape of the second one on you... but then again, the first one looks AMAZING on you, too! Good luck with deciding! xx

  5. Both dresses are gorgeous. True the first one with the black glittery shoes will look so festive but then again the red shoes with the second dress is still bright and festive, tricky one?! Either way you look fab! When you have a hard decision to make, flip a coin. The moment the coin is in the air, you'll suddenly decide which one your heart is hoping for :-) Merry Christmas to you from us both.

    x Roch & Tash x


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