13 December 2013

Friday Wish List - The Expensive Week

Friday WishList - The Expensive Week

What the hell, it's nearly Christmas and what does a girl want for Christmas?  Well I want (but not getting) an expensive handbag!


  1. BAAAAAGS! Just have 3 (yes, three … I'm a bad example of a girl). I need a shopping bag in my life. :) Great choices.

    ♡ Mel xoxo

  2. ooo I love the top right red one - what a beautiful colour x

  3. I love the top red one too, lovely!

  4. After getting a Mulberry for Christmas last year I'm not allowed to want a handbag for a very long time lol

  5. What a lovely selection, Vicky. I love the red one and the blue one x


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