20 November 2012

A Walk in the Park

One of my favourite things to do during the day on a weekend is going to my local park with my dogs and having a wander around, feeding the ducks in the process.

My previous posts have been quite text heavy, so with this post, pictures galore!

I'm a sucker for a bird print

Like a lot of my clothes of late, this top is from South at Very

Minimum makeup for the park, unfortunately enhancing my wonky eyebrow.

The boots are from the South collection of Very.  Although I love the look, not impressed with the quality.


This is Ellie - she wanted in on the clothes blog

So there you go.  My weekend at the park look.  I never like to look to "dressed down" as my theory is you never know who you are going to meet!  So this weekend's look was a long line top/cardigan combination, black leggings (my first ever pair believe it or not) and long boots.

Hopefully in my next post this weekend I am going to be trying out some dresses for the various Christmas events I'm going to, which is always a challenge.  Feedback on those will definately be appreciated!

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  1. like the long boots.....Im a Lancs long ladies boot wearer. I love wearing my long boots with jeans, leggings,and jodhpurs.....I enjoy getting nice comments from women as i walk in the woods or down the street x


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