30 November 2012

I Bought a Scarf & I Liked It

Hello!  Had a lot on recently and so not been able to blog.  Bad Vicky!

One of the things, actually maybe the only thing, I like about the colder weather coming in are the pretty scarves that you get to wear.  My preference has always been to get a coat in neutral or black so that you can wear scarves of all different colours and change up your look.

This week, I have bought my favourite ever scarf from Dorothy Perkins and can be bought here

When it comes to print, my top three are stars, skulls and animals.  This scarf has all three with the star print on one half of the scarf and skulls and butterflies on the other.  Because of the different designs on the scarf, you can pretty much style it any way you choose.  I've added a few pictures of the different looks you can get from it.

Test shot - looking like a zombie for some reason

A simple tie in the middle

On one shoulder to jazz up a boring top

Twisty Twisty

Bandanna / headband / not sure what I was doing
 So there you go.  My new favour scarf, with a few different ways to wear it.

I wasn't paid to review this scarf from Dorothy Perkins, I just saw it, bought it and loved it enough to talk about it.

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