31 January 2012

Random Picture Challenge

I saw this on someone's blog and liked the idea so here goes!

The idea is that you find five photographs.  The five photographs must contain either random objects, scenes or shots that remind you of a great or funny time in your life.  If someone is in the shot you can only show body parts.  No filth!

Above all, the photos must hold a good memory, but it cannot be an "ordinary" photo.  Here are mine!

I love shoes, and my tattoos.
This is the day they had the perfect match
The Hanging Penguin - A very irritating Vettel
win on Grand Prix day.
We took it out on the
photo (2)
Cocktail Hour the Night before my Best Friend's Wedding
A friend was missing on our holiday, so we made one
Fireworks on New Years in foreign climes.
The best New Years I have had.

29 January 2012

The Big Match

IPhone v Blackberry.  Put a IPhone user or a Blackberry user in the same room and they could argue to the death.  People get as opinionated and as passionate about one or the another as they do about politics, animal rights…. You know, the actually important things.

The thing is, I have now entered that debate.  Before my last upgrade I had a Samsung I think.  Can’t remember which model but it had a keypad with very minimal touchscreen functionality.

I was, understandably, completely excited therefore to get an IPhone.  I absolutely loved it, still do.  For me, it is undeniably the best touch screen out there.  I’m not interested in an Android.  No particular reason, just personal choice.

I have however, hugely missed having a keypad.  Call me a geek, but I used to love the clickety click of tapping anyway.  Which brings me to my dilemma, and I’m asking, unashamedly, for help.

So here’s what I use on a day to day basis.  Email, Twitter, Facebook and, obviously calls/text.  Am not a big App person.  Games don’t really interest me and the few Apps I do use, are already on Blackberry.

This all therefore would lead me to moving to Blackberry.  I get the keypad I miss, and still the Apps I use.  If I move, it will be the 9900.  The battery charging reviews I have seen don’t bother me, as I am currently having to charge my IPhone twice a day.

Problem is, I, like everyone else know about the downturn on profits with RIM, with people saying that bankruptcy is a possibility, the question I have really is this. 

I will probably sound stupid for asking, but then, if you don’t know, ask!  If the worst happens, they go bankrupt and I have committed to Blackberry, what happens with the phones currently under contract?  Would I then be screwed?

Help, for the uninformed and ditzy, please!

24 January 2012

I have a Girl Crush

Just a short post today and it's a blog recommendation.  Please, please checkout The Bloggess

I LOVE her.

If you are the type of person that thinks random thoughts, for instance if Jesus was resurrected, does that make him a zombie?  If you are the type to laugh hysterically at the things you shouldn't and have that little bit of crazy in you, I promise you will love her too.

Word of warning though, don't be drinking something while you read.  You will spit it out in laughter.

That is all.