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8 March 2012

From an Apple to a Berry

I was going to do a phone review for my new Blackberry 9900 but then I wondered if there was any point.  The phone has been out for a while now, there are tons of reviews out there already, written and video and all the information is at your finger tips. 

I’m a firm believer that if you are to commit yourself to something, particularly technology, you need to do your research first.  I hate the people that buy a product, be it a phone, laptop whatever and then complain after purchase that it doesn’t do this or that.  If you had done your research, you would know what you are getting.  I knew for example that the battery wasn't great and would need charging once a day.  Coming from a phone I used to have to charge twice a day, that didn't faze me.

The reason I decided to do this post in the end was the amount of people who have been surprised, some shocked at my decision to move from Iphone to Blackberry.  I don’t see my decision as shocking, although as it is my decision, I guess I wouldn’t.

I wrote The Defection a few weeks ago before I committed and bought the 9900.  I said at the time that time would tell if I loved it or hated it.  Would I miss the full touch screen, would I miss all the apps?  The answer, no.  I am in love with this phone.

My requests from my new phone were clear cut.  I wanted a keypad but still with a decent touchscreen.  I wanted to still have the apps I used to have on my Iphone.  I also wanted to still be able to have all my music. 

The 9900 suits me down to the ground.  I love the keypad.  The geek in me loves all the lists, the countless options.  Anything I want to do on the phone, it can tell me how.  I have a media card in the phone so all my music is there, and unlike with the Iphone where you might have to limit yourself to an 8G due to the price of the phone, with this you can have 64G for a the price of a SD card.

Everyone told me I would regret it, that I was crazy to change.  But come on people, it’s only a phone.  It isn’t a life changing decision.  You decide what works for you want and you see what is out there that fits your specifications.  You shouldn’t have to limit what you want to fit with “the brand”.

I am slightly worried about myself however, now and again I find myself just looking at it, stroking the keys.  I may need to go Blackberry addicts anonymous.  But who cares, it’s mine, and I love it.  Plus, now I get to see this every time, am a McClaren girl through and through.

29 January 2012

The Big Match

IPhone v Blackberry.  Put a IPhone user or a Blackberry user in the same room and they could argue to the death.  People get as opinionated and as passionate about one or the another as they do about politics, animal rights…. You know, the actually important things.

The thing is, I have now entered that debate.  Before my last upgrade I had a Samsung I think.  Can’t remember which model but it had a keypad with very minimal touchscreen functionality.

I was, understandably, completely excited therefore to get an IPhone.  I absolutely loved it, still do.  For me, it is undeniably the best touch screen out there.  I’m not interested in an Android.  No particular reason, just personal choice.

I have however, hugely missed having a keypad.  Call me a geek, but I used to love the clickety click of tapping anyway.  Which brings me to my dilemma, and I’m asking, unashamedly, for help.

So here’s what I use on a day to day basis.  Email, Twitter, Facebook and, obviously calls/text.  Am not a big App person.  Games don’t really interest me and the few Apps I do use, are already on Blackberry.

This all therefore would lead me to moving to Blackberry.  I get the keypad I miss, and still the Apps I use.  If I move, it will be the 9900.  The battery charging reviews I have seen don’t bother me, as I am currently having to charge my IPhone twice a day.

Problem is, I, like everyone else know about the downturn on profits with RIM, with people saying that bankruptcy is a possibility, the question I have really is this. 

I will probably sound stupid for asking, but then, if you don’t know, ask!  If the worst happens, they go bankrupt and I have committed to Blackberry, what happens with the phones currently under contract?  Would I then be screwed?

Help, for the uninformed and ditzy, please!