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7 July 2015

Life Through a Gif

Bit of a random post tonight.

Late to the party as always, I have fallen a little bit in love with the animated gif.  

More than one of these endless "50 questions" type quizzes that go around and that I have completed in the past, a gif can perfectly express who you are and what you are feeling.  They say a picture can tell a thousand words, so I am having a go with a gif series!

I decided to share a little story that takes me from before I started blogging to now.  If anyone else wants to join in with this, feel free!

Before I started blogging

How I felt wearing anything other than black

When I read my first plus size fashion blog 
and realised that fat people are allowed to be happy too

Accepting a compliment

The Exact Moment I realised that I was now happy in my own skin

What I do now when someone tries to put me down
(because no one does it like The Rock)

I  put a shout out on my Facebook page and Twitter recently asking for people to guest post and share their own stories and perspectives,  First one up tomorrow!

Vicky xx

31 January 2012

Random Picture Challenge

I saw this on someone's blog and liked the idea so here goes!

The idea is that you find five photographs.  The five photographs must contain either random objects, scenes or shots that remind you of a great or funny time in your life.  If someone is in the shot you can only show body parts.  No filth!

Above all, the photos must hold a good memory, but it cannot be an "ordinary" photo.  Here are mine!

I love shoes, and my tattoos.
This is the day they had the perfect match
The Hanging Penguin - A very irritating Vettel
win on Grand Prix day.
We took it out on the
photo (2)
Cocktail Hour the Night before my Best Friend's Wedding
A friend was missing on our holiday, so we made one
Fireworks on New Years in foreign climes.
The best New Years I have had.