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31 May 2018

My Dream Writing Space

Last month I talked about my tips for blogging on the go when you have a busy lifestyle and want to fit your blog into your life without feeling like you are losing all of your free time.

Today I wanted to talk about my dream writing space.  The one that I would create at home for days off, those weekends, those times when you get the urge (and the time) to write all day and want a comfortable area to do so.

First and foremost, what I want is comfort.  The perfect writing day for me does not necessarily start with getting up, getting dressed and sitting down to my laptop.  It can also, and preferably, start with a large cup of coffee in bed, my notebook and a pencil (no pens in bed thank you) and my thoughts as they start to collect.

I carry a notebook around with me most days and like to jot down any ideas for blog posts or writing pieces that come to mind, whether it be for this blog or other spaces.  I note the main idea at the top of a page and then during the week, fill in any additional comments to by way of bullet points.  These short notes are what start my day in bed with my coffee.

When it comes to getting more serious about my day, I move on to my laptop and my tablet.  At the moment I work from our dining room table which is not particularly convenient for me.  I recently came across a gorgeous desk from Lionshome which would fit the bill perfectly and would work with my current decor.

I don't like too much clutter on my work space when I am blogging.  Just my notebook with my ideas in, my tablet for research and of course my laptop.  I don't like to have too many windows open on my laptop as I find it too distracting so that is why I also have my tablet for researching points.  Ah, the 21st century world eh?

Other things on my checklist for the perfect blogging space include lots of natural light and fresh air from an open window and some sort of music on low, either on the other side of the room or the room next door.  Background noise is important but nothing too loud, like heavy metal or drum and bass!

The beauty of running a blog is that most of your tools and equipment can be packed away at the end of the day or at a moment's notice if needed.  Your laptop and tablet etc can be put away in a drawer and your desk space or table space utilized for other purposes.  

I think one of the most important things about your home is that it should work for you, on multiple levels.  This is particularly important if you have a family and have a jam packed filed life but is equally salient if you have a small home and need to use rooms for a variety of purposes.

What is your dream blogging space?

*Post in collaboration with Lionshome

16 May 2017

Stress Free Decorating

There is an infinite amount of information floating about on this thing called the Internet, and about half of it is information about how to decorate your home. That’s how it feels anyway. But no matter how different the latest decorating trends chop and change there is one constant; decorating is stressful.

Sure, the final destination is bound to look breathtaking, like the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel or something, but what wannabe interior design blogs don’t tell you are; the journey to perfection is paved with blood, sweat, and tears.

So, how can we make the whole re-decorating thing way less stressy and way more practical? Well, here are a few things to help you approach your new space from a place of peace and tranquility, sort of.


Really Look At Your Space
I picked the word space carefully because it is one of the subjective things I don’t want to jumble up. Space could mean your entire house, or a room, or a single shelf, or a corner. So determine what that space is and go from there. Oh, and look at the factors that determine what your space means, like your budget and, let’s be honest, your patience too. Running out of funds halfway through will suck, and it will become super stressful if you’re still redecorating three months from now. Just saying.


Be Inspired Before You Start
The great thing about the internet is you don’t need to have any imagination whatsoever; you just have to look for inspiration. Instagram, Pinterest, blogs, all that sort of stuff is like a goldmine for inspiration. It could be shelf goals, or basement ideas, or banging bedroom (actually don’t Google that last one), whatever it is you’re doing, there is an idea to piggyback, and that could be your motivation to get started. So do it.


I Love It When A Plan Comes Together
You have decided on a space. Tick. You have some ideas pinned to a board. Check. Well, that means it is time to go all Hannibal and get yourself a plan. It could be a list or a bunch of light sketches or a brainstorm or a bunch of images printed out; it doesn’t matter. Just have a plan, one with visual aids that will ensure you stay focused on the endgame. Then ask yourself some questions. What things do you want to add? Where do you want these things to go? What size should these things be they be?


Get Your Shop On
This is another element that seems fun at first, but can quickly become stressful because of money and logistics and that sort of stuff.  If you want to get cute stuff on the cheap, then head to places like Thrift stores and Ikea and anyway else you can think of. However, consider the size of your purchases. If you are getting a gorgeous sofa or a bed or something, then plan to get help, and consider using someone like Shiply's furniture delivery service. Take cash out as well, whatever your budget is so that you don’t accidentally go over this and make your life way more stressful financially. It is all about knowing where to go, how to get your stuff home and not spending too much.

Decorating your home is amazing, but it can be stressful. But, if you take just one thing away from this blog, let it be this; it is better to do something small than nothing at all. It is better to do that shelf, or that corner than to think a redecorating operation is too much to take on. That’s the key. That’s how to keep calm and carry on.

*A collaborative piece

17 October 2014

Bedroom Makeovers for Autumn/Winter

When I get round to sprucing my place up, I often like to start with the bedroom; it's where you start the day, after all, so a beautiful environment to wake up in can only be a good thing! Here's a look at some of this season's trends and ideas for updating your bedroom.

The bed is a great place to start, especially if yours is feeling a little tired. Most people are aware of the importance of a good night's sleep these days, and a new bed doesn't have to cost the earth. One idea to consider if you're changing colour schemes, leaving you with soft furnishings and other clutter that you don't really want to chuck out, is an ottoman bed. The mattress lifts up to reveal a storage area underneath, useful for extra pillows and the like - or anything else you'd rather not have on public display! Bedstar have a good range with plenty of options in neutral colours.


Colour scheme choices are particularly important in the bedroom. For some people, relaxed, calming tones make it easier to get to sleep, while others like a more vibrant palette to help them get going in the morning. Mixing the two doesn't often work! You probably don't want to be redecorating every six months, so it's worth taking a tip from the luxury hotel chains if you're in doubt; neutral, calming tones seem to be most popular with those who run businesses based on keeping sleepy customers happy. You can always jazz the room up with colourful pillows, lampshades and so on. Natural fabrics are always popular; Sainsbury's "Indigo" range, new for autumn, includes bedding and soft furnishings in deep but relaxing blues.

Rustic Schemes

If you fancy a warmer, more rustic scheme, that's another way to go this season while staying fashionable. A couple of items of weathered oak furniture - say a chest of drawers and a nightstand - can look wonderful in a rustic themed bedroom. The Cotswold Company have a nice range of oak storage pieces, including small units that'll fit in an alcove. Tartan is looking like a popular theme this season as well, so a blanket or a few cushions can be deployed to give a splash of colour. Terry's Fabrics have ideas for both bold red tartan styles and more neutral, beige toned versions like "Balmoral Rosso".

Ultimately, the bedroom is perhaps the most personal room in the house, and how you choose to decorate it is down to you; but remember that clean, calm, uncluttered design will generally assist with a better night's sleep, whether you go for bright, "morning-person" colours - or the other way!

*In collaboration with Slap Up Media.