16 May 2017

Stress Free Decorating

There is an infinite amount of information floating about on this thing called the Internet, and about half of it is information about how to decorate your home. That’s how it feels anyway. But no matter how different the latest decorating trends chop and change there is one constant; decorating is stressful.

Sure, the final destination is bound to look breathtaking, like the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel or something, but what wannabe interior design blogs don’t tell you are; the journey to perfection is paved with blood, sweat, and tears.

So, how can we make the whole re-decorating thing way less stressy and way more practical? Well, here are a few things to help you approach your new space from a place of peace and tranquility, sort of.


Really Look At Your Space
I picked the word space carefully because it is one of the subjective things I don’t want to jumble up. Space could mean your entire house, or a room, or a single shelf, or a corner. So determine what that space is and go from there. Oh, and look at the factors that determine what your space means, like your budget and, let’s be honest, your patience too. Running out of funds halfway through will suck, and it will become super stressful if you’re still redecorating three months from now. Just saying.


Be Inspired Before You Start
The great thing about the internet is you don’t need to have any imagination whatsoever; you just have to look for inspiration. Instagram, Pinterest, blogs, all that sort of stuff is like a goldmine for inspiration. It could be shelf goals, or basement ideas, or banging bedroom (actually don’t Google that last one), whatever it is you’re doing, there is an idea to piggyback, and that could be your motivation to get started. So do it.


I Love It When A Plan Comes Together
You have decided on a space. Tick. You have some ideas pinned to a board. Check. Well, that means it is time to go all Hannibal and get yourself a plan. It could be a list or a bunch of light sketches or a brainstorm or a bunch of images printed out; it doesn’t matter. Just have a plan, one with visual aids that will ensure you stay focused on the endgame. Then ask yourself some questions. What things do you want to add? Where do you want these things to go? What size should these things be they be?


Get Your Shop On
This is another element that seems fun at first, but can quickly become stressful because of money and logistics and that sort of stuff.  If you want to get cute stuff on the cheap, then head to places like Thrift stores and Ikea and anyway else you can think of. However, consider the size of your purchases. If you are getting a gorgeous sofa or a bed or something, then plan to get help, and consider using someone like Shiply's furniture delivery service. Take cash out as well, whatever your budget is so that you don’t accidentally go over this and make your life way more stressful financially. It is all about knowing where to go, how to get your stuff home and not spending too much.

Decorating your home is amazing, but it can be stressful. But, if you take just one thing away from this blog, let it be this; it is better to do something small than nothing at all. It is better to do that shelf, or that corner than to think a redecorating operation is too much to take on. That’s the key. That’s how to keep calm and carry on.

*A collaborative piece

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