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24 May 2013

Times Flies

Eighteen years ago today, whilst I was in the middle of my GCSE English exam, my sister was in labour with my niece Georgia.  Quite where the eighteen years has gone since I’m not quite sure.

She has grown up into a gorgeous, confident, talented girl and I’m very proud of her.


Tonight in celebration of her birthday all the family went out for a meal to a local Italian to celebrate.  

I was in a bit of a tizz before the meal as I only had twenty minutes to get ready after work and what exactly do you wear so you look too young to have an eighteen year old niece?

Bad blogger that I am, I haven't done any outfit posts for a couple of weeks now so thought I would take a few photographs tonight of what I wore.

I decided to go with my Joe Brown +Simply Be  dress and a shrug from Yours Clothing.  One bracelet is from Cyrus and the pearl bracelet is from +Dorothy Perkins.  The lovely bird necklace I bought from

Have you had any special occasions lately?