11 October 2017

Doctor Doctor

I am not the kind of person who enjoys going to the doctors. Who does right?  I try to avoid going if at all possible; choosing to just deal with issues myself and look for remedies online.

It probably doesn't help that my doctors have the same answer for any of the issues I have presented anytime I have gone.  Got a migraine?  Lose weight.  Hurt my ankle after tripping?  Lose weight.  Depression?  Lose weight you won't be sad any more.  I'm not sad dude, my head hates me sometimes.  There is a very major difference.

That last one was the one that made me turn away from my doctors.  I am a body positive person and a generally very happy one.  I know what my triggers are and they are nothing to do with what my weight happens to be that day.

I think this may have been my expression.

My other little foible is that I don't really like to take pills.  You get prescribed x, y and z at the doctors but you don't actually know what is going into your body.  You don't know what side effects will be or what others have experienced with the medication.

For this reason, when I have a minor issue such as the odd migraines that I get, I use an online pharmacy*  For each item that you wish to purchase, you complete an online doctor assessment to see if it is suitable and after a go head from their doctor, you are sent the medication. 

You get much more information about the medication you are taking, the possible side effects and also customer reviews about what they have experienced.

It is also useful to check out things that your regular doctor has suggested for me.  For instance, I asked my doctor about something that could delay my period whilst I was on holiday next year.  He suggested that I use a period delay pill.

After looking it up with my online pharmacy, I was shocked to see some of the side effects and on researching further, the side effects experienced by many (such as terrible stomach pain when you stop using it!) made me decide not to use this pill at all.

When it comes to your health, it is really worth doing your research and looking at all possible options.

*Obviously I am not advocating boycotting your doctor or suggest that you do so.  I use an online pharmacy for minor things such as my occasional migraine, travel sickness etc.  Anything that is not a minor condition or is persistent and you should always consult your doctor

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