2 March 2017

Wall Murals for the Home

I am a planner.  Always have been.  I like to plan things in advance so I know that whatever event I am going to, whatever task I am going to complete or decision I am going to make is as well organised as possible.

One plan that I have ongoing is the plan to move out from my mum's and into a flat.  This plan is going to probably take a couple of years to achieve, paying off outstanding debts and saving for things like rent and furniture.  But the timescale does not stop me from planning how I will want my new space to look like.

One of things that I have been thinking about is decoration.  Putting your own stamp on a place can be hard when you working around someones else's choice of carpets and wall coverings.  You cannot do anything about the carpet other than to make sure that your furniture does not clash, but the walls are something different.

Even if your landlord will not let you paint the walls and you are worried that too many nails in them will relieve you of your deposit, there are things that you can do.

I have been looking into wall murals.  I have seen a few of them around people's houses, my sister has one, and it made me wonder if that would be the way forward.  Here are a few of my favourites so far:

This is a very bold piece which would work well if you wanted to make a statement.  If you are working with a mostly white area as shown above, this would be a wonderful focal point.

This image makes me relaxed just by looking at it.  It would work wonderful on a large wall in the kitchen, or perhaps a small version in your bedroom for calming influence

This is an example of how you can use a huge piece, making a statement of the entire wall.  You could lie in the bath and pretend that you were on a beach!

This is my favourite, and one that I will keeping an eye on for when I move out myself.  I adore the way you can look over and thinking for a second that you are actually living in Paris.

All of these wall murals can be found at PIXERS  You can choose the exact height and wide of any piece that you want and some are also washable, perfect if you have a certain family member with sticky hands!

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