14 March 2017

Stretch it Out!

For years now I have had problems with my lower back.  It is a hereditary trait, passed down from generations of my family (thanks fam!).  The only thing that really helps it is stretching as much as I possibly can.

I have tried various different techniques over the years, but nothing seems to properly suit my needs. The problem seems to be that either I don't have the space at home to have the proper equipment or it costs too much to buy.

Ideally, what I want is something that I can use at home that can be easily stored away and also something that will work with the limited space I have to be able to carry out the stretching manoeuvres.

This search has led me to looking at foam rollers which work with both my space constraints and also my budget.  I found some tips for how to use them effectively whilst in the home that I have shared with you below.

6 of the best stretches for women using a foam roller
Foam rolling is a great way to stretch and release tension and knots in your muscles. It’s inexpensive and can be done right at your own home. You can foam roll while enjoying your favorite TV series or before you go to sleep. If you haven’t yet given it a try, it’s time to go and get yourself a roller and experience its benefits.
For those who already have a workout regimen and would like to incorporate foam rolling, you definitely can. Foam rolling can be done before your workout as part of your warm-up or after, during cool down. With foam rolling, you are helping your muscles to recover faster and be more flexible. And when your muscles function properly, you are able to deliver quality performance in your training. Stretching exercises can also be done using a foam roller. Slowly foam roll each target area, taking at least one minute up to ten minutes per spot. Here are some of the best stretches for women using a foam roller.

Lie down on the floor with the foam roller on your lower back. Place your feet flat on the ground and use your arms to support your upper body. To move the roller up your back, bend your knees and slowly move your arms outward. Move the roller just below your shoulder blades and then roll it back to its starting position and repeat.
Sit on the floor and straighten out your legs.  Place your hands on the floor behind you to support your weight as you roll. With the roller under your calves, slowly roll it along the back of your legs up to your ankles and then back up to your knees.
Sit down on the floor. Starting with your right leg on the roller, cross your left leg over your right. Use your arms and hands to support you as you roll up and down along your hamstring. Do the same for your left leg.
Your quads are the upper thigh area of your leg. To foam roll this area, lie facing down on the floor with the roller under your hips. Use your arms and hands to support you. Cross the lower part of your left leg over your right. Roll down until your knees and then roll back up again to your hips. Switch legs later on.
IT Band
The IT band is the area on your outer thigh. Lie down on your side and place the roller under your hip. If you’re lying down on your left side, use your left arm to support you and place your right hand on the floor in front of you. Cross your right leg over your left and use this to support your roll. Roll up and down your outer thigh, which is from your hip up to your knee. Do the same for the other thigh.
Glutes, or the butt!
Sit on the roller and have your arms and hands support you. Place your right leg on your left knee and then roll the butt cheek back and forth. Switch sides to roll the other but cheek.

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