1 December 2016

I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles

In the spirit of a "Getting to know more about you" type post, I am inspired today to tell you a funny, but embarrassing story about myself.   I would love it if you would share one of your stories in the comments.  So here goes.

When I was 17 I was working for a small law firm.  Whilst I was a simple office junior, often crawling around in cellars and attics for files or making a coffee for everyone in the building; working in a office at 17 for me felt amazing.

You did of course have to dress smartly for this position and as a result, I decided that a new pair of shoes was in order (some things never change).  They were a tiny bit too small and needed stretching so I asked for some advice of what to do.  

This was before Google.  Before Youtube videos that explain how to do everything.

I was told, from someone who used it in his Doc Martins, that washing up liquid around the edge you wanted to stretch would do the job perfectly.  You simply wore the shoes as normal and the leather would stretch to fit your foot.

I can see how this works and indeed it did.  I could feel the leather stretching slightly as I walked.  But then.  You know what is coming don't you.  It started to rain.

I was walking from the bus station to my office which was a 10 minute walk.  The rain began to pour and at first, I did not even connect the dots in relation to the washing up liquid lining both my shoes.  I simply hurried on to my office to get out of the wet.

Then I received the first double take by someone passing me by.  Then another.  Both seems to be looking at my feet.  I looked down and to my horror, bubbles were pouring, and I meaning POURING out of both of my shoes.  Picture what a bottle of coke does if you shook it and then opened and you would get a fairly accurate representation.

I quickly swept away the bubbles and rubbed at my shoes in vain to try and get rid of the washing up liquid which by now had rubbed off on to my tights too.

I spent the next ten minutes of the walk having to stop every few metres to wipe the bubbles away.  I cannot tell you how many people stopped and stared at me.  Either in disbelief or just laughing at me.  I was utterly mortified.

One shopkeeper who saw me that morning proceeded to call me "Bubbles" for the next year.  He would without fail ask me what my feet were growing this morning.

Looking back now I laugh so much about what happened.  I more than likely used far, far too much washing up liquid and would definately not have looked at the weather forecast.

We live and learn!


  1. Very brave of you but sucks that it happened. I dunno if this counts as embarrassing or not but back in my school days, on the first day back from holiday, there was ice everywhere and all the students trying to make it into the entrance without slipping because if you slipped, you got laughed at. I did what I thought was clever and ran through the grass and climbed the side of the steps to the entrance, which was a flowerbed made of marble, and as I took one step on that marble base, I slipped so hard that my feet left the ground for about five seconds as the rest of my body was suspended in the air. Thanking God that I had my backpack on as it broke my fall, I landed on my backside and got laughed at with random schoolmates recalling the incident later on throughout the day.

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