15 April 2015

I Feel Good

You know sometimes when you spend ages getting ready for a night out, an event or even just a blog post, and the reflection in mirror isn't what you hoped? This challenge is for those times when you look in the mirror, no pre planning involved, and think "I look good today". 

We all have our good days and our bad, but this challenge is to record those good days and to remember that confidence, at any size, is beautiful.

I was looking through my photographs the other day and I came across this photograph from Plus North last year.  I am pretty sure that I didn't share it at the time, hence sharing it with now.  
 photo plus north pic_zpsvoyh8lmq.jpg

The dress, as the sign says, is from So Fabulous at +Very.co.uk 

I look so happy and I really did feel good that day.


  1. That is an excellent photo, the dress is flattering, especially because you look so happy and confident.

  2. You look gorgeous and that dress is beautiful! I love finding good photos that I'd forgotten about :) xx

  3. Dress is phenomenal you - you really should feel good!

    C xx


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