16 March 2015

It's All in the Jeans

Today on the blog I have a new outfit for you.  Now I don't want to overly shock you, but I am NOT wearing a dress,  I know right?  What happened?

Well the truth is that I do wear a dress every day, but now and again I also cannot resist that classic jeans and a jacket combination.  It is comfortable and can look just as stylish and evening/afternoon out appropriate as a pretty dress.

When the lovely Cecilia told me about the new +Fashion World  360 Fit Bootcut Jeans I was intrigued to hear about their new fit philosophy.  Ever on the quest for jeans that actually fit properly, I wanted to know more.  Here is what they have to say:

Achieve a 360 degree fit with our amazing new four-way stretch bootcut jeans. This revolutionary denim has been expertly crafted to fit perfectly to your curves wherever they may be – and stay that way. Thanks to great-recovery fabric, you can say bye bye to saggy jeans and hello to long-life, on-trend denim 
 photo DSC02950_zpscorx6azk.jpg

+Simply Be Tux jacket - reviewed here
Jeans from Fashion World £38.00 from here

One of the reasons that I rarely wear jeans is because of the fit.  I buy them and at first, the fit is perfect.  Two washes later however and that fit is gone and I faced with either wearing a belt or having jeans that are practically falling off me.  It has happened so many times before.

For this reason I really wanted to review these jeans properly in order to give you an accurate perspective.  I have worn these jeans several times now, have washed twice, and the pictures below are from the last time that I wore them, this weekend.

 photo DSC02946_zpsnjjxmi70.jpg

I chose my usual size and would say that the fit is pretty much spot on.  I am used to wearing jeans that you squeeze into the start, and then wait for them to "settle" within the next twenty minutes.  Not the case here.

These jeans immediately clung where I wanted to them to cling without being tight and felt very comfortable.  The fit didn't change over time, wearing more than once and survived the multiple wash test with ease.

In short, I would highly recommend!

 photo DSC02935_zpssudoha8s.jpg

 photo DSC02941_zpsxbfbvbj4.jpg

 photo DSC02939_zpsglvzwbpr.jpg

* The jeans have been gifted to me, however all opinions are my own


  1. While i love you in a dress, you are looking hot in them jeans

    B x

  2. While i love you in a dress, you are looking hot in them jeans

    B x

  3. Absolutely loving this look on you! You look so put-together and stylish. I always have a nightmare finding jeans that fit me properly, and when I do, I never look look half as nice in them as you do in yours! xx

  4. Oooh these look great on you! Such a shame they don't come in extra tall length :(

    C xx


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