23 February 2015

My Inspirational Mum

Mothers Day is just around the corner.  With this in mind, Great Rail Journeys are currently running a competition to win a trip to Bruges for yourself and your mum.  

To enter, you need to:
  • Write a blog post about why you're thankful for your mum and saying why she deserves to win this Mothers' Day trip.
  • Tweet the blog post to @greatrail including the #GRJMothersDay to confirm your entry.
This is my competition entry.

My mum is the quintessential bubbly blonde.  At 74 years of age, she looks 15 years younger, with a fashion sense to match.  Unlike many of her peers, there are no grey haired perms and twin sets for her; my mum has always looked glamorous and always will.

My mum and I are quite similar characters in that we are both daft as a brush and we giggle at the drop of a hat.  We both enjoy good food, good times and a drop of something to put a sparkle in your eye. 

They say that you really see the mettle of someone in times of adversity and hardship.  That is certainly the case with my mum.

When my step dad fractured his spine nearly 6 months ago, we never dreamed that he would still be in hospital now.  Unable to drive, my mum has had to rely on lifts from family and getting the bus, visiting him nearly every day for the first few months, at a hospital some 30 miles away from home.  Even now, nearly 6 months on and finally at a hospital closer to home, she still visits 3-4 times a week.

My step dad's journey has been fraught with complications and through it all; my mum has been a tower of strength.  A long stay in hospital is hard but my mum has tried everything to make that stay a little easier.  Pouring hundreds of pounds into the hospital television, taking in home cooked meals, sourcing all his favourite films on DVD and finding the cowboy Western books he loves so much for him to read.

While my mum may still look like a spring chicken, life without her partner at her side has been hard.  Losing that day-to-day companionship and having her world turned upside has not been easy but she still has not lost that sparkle in her eye. 

I am thankful for my mum because she inspires me in so many different ways and I can only hope when I reach her age that I look as good as she does, with as much energy for life as she continues to have.


  1. Wow, your Mum really doesn't look 74 at all! What's her secret?! She sounds like a lovely, inspirational lady, and very deserving of a trip away. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

    I can't imagine how upsetting, stressful, and life-changing the last six months have been on all of you. I know how much my spinal conditions upset my family and how it has put strain on them- and I've not been hospitalized or injured as badly. It's hard for my family, but it must be a hundred times worse for yours. You're all so strong and inspiring! I hope things get a little better for your step dad soon, and that he's able to come home. xx

  2. This is so sweet, you're very lucky to have such a lovely mum xxx

  3. What a beautiful post about your mum. Best of luck. I knew your step dad had been ill but not the details. Sorry to hear he's still in hospital hope things are getting easier on you all xxx

  4. I hope you win! Your mum is gorgeous and doesn't look a day over 50. I hope your dad is better soon. x

  5. Your Mum looks amazing for 74! My hubby wouldn't believe how old she was when I showed him the pic of your Mum!
    She also created a lovely daughter too!
    I hope your step dad gets better soon xx

  6. What a wonderful role model you have your mom looks amazing. Really hope your stepdad comes home soon xxx


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