27 August 2014

Marisota Swimwear

Swimwear has always been an issue for me.  My day to day body confidence can sometimes go out of the window when I think about buying a new swimsuit as there are just so many factors to consider.

Last time I went on holiday choosing a new swimsuit was somewhat of a colossal task.  Whilst I would have no issues in wearing one, I want to make sure that I look my best but more importantly, make sure that I feel comfortable in what I am wearing.

+Marisota have created this infographic for swimwear in order to help you choose what to wear while you are lounging by the pool and there is some brilliant advice that I wish I had had last time I was browsing the swimwear section.

Whilst I do not wish to hide my body, I do want to show it off to it's full potential and then the only thing I have to worry about is getting a tan!

 photo marisota1_zps0b376e6d.jpg photo marisota2_zpsb10d72a2.jpg
 photo marisota3_zps38ac598e.jpg

A whopping 60.7% of the people surveyed found that their stomach was the area where they lacked the most confidence and I admit, this is the category I fall into as well.

Whilst I am not at a stage where I could simply throw on a bikini and not feel self conscious, having some style tips that I can work from, and grow confidence from there, will help greatly.  A bespoke swimsuit or swimdress with a cup size will help me to feel glam whilst something with a little bit of support in the stomach area would help me feel less self conscious.

Check out the Marisota Swimwear Section to find your ideal swimwear.

* In collaboration with Marisota

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