11 August 2014

Body UNashamed

I was recently reading posts from the gorgeous George at Fullerfigurefullerbust and fantastic Kellie at Big Fashionista about a project that had been started by Penny of Lillies and Love called #bodyunashamed

This a project I would have loved to have been involved with alas I didn't see the tweet at the time which was calling for bloggers to participate.  You were each given a blogger to write three things that you find beautiful about them, and then share three things yourself.

Whilst I was too late to join the project, I have seen many people joining in with the three things that you like about yourself, so I decided to join in.  In a time when criticism against the way you look, act and what you wear seems to be everywhere, a little self love is not a bad thing.

My Determination
I have a strong will and determination which can sometimes lead to stubbornness, not my best trait.  However, that same determination has also helped me to quit smoking over two years ago through sheer will (which I will have re-employ as I have semi started again) and has helped me to break out my shell and enabled me to go to events, meet new people and travel to places on my own which I never thought I could do.

My Face
When I say that I like my face I am not being conceited.  There are many things that I could list that I don’t like about it.  The bright red freckle on the end of my nose, the ridge above my lips; my wonky eyebrow that is higher than the other; the gap between my teeth.  But one things that taking selfies has taught me is that you only get one face and you need to embrace it.  If I share a picture of my face on Instagram it means that I was feeling pretty when I took it.  That isn't something that anyone should shy away from doing.

Love your reflection, because you only get one.

My Hair
I have long fought against my hair.  I have been a blonde, a brunette and a redhead.  My hair has been curly and straight, long and short.  When it was curly I wanted it straight; but then when it was straight I thought it looked boring.

Over the past few months though I have stopped the fight.  My hair is thick, with a natural curl and looks best when I just let it do exactly what it wants and you know what?  It looks better now than it has in years.

The thing that I have learned from writing this post today is fighting against who you are and what you look like benefits no one, especially yourself.  Embrace what you look like, celebrate the person that you are; because there is no one else like you.

So there you go, that is my three things, what are yours?

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  1. So great to have you on board and it makes me happy to see you finding three things about yourself that you like! I want people to start loving the skin their in and the person they are - we have one ride on this earth and we need to make the most of it. Viva la revolution! ;-)


  2. This post is lovely. I wrote one but I couldn't see three things to write about myself. But I am taking from the bodyUNashamed project that it's a good thing to spread the compliments when you see someone looking great. I am making sure that I let people know when I think they're looking fab etc.
    Well done on your determination to quit smoking. I found your blog through Louise's blog hop.


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