5 January 2014

A New Year!

Hi everybody!

Hope that you had a fantastic Christmas and New Year.  It has been fantastic to have the break and also had a little cheeky time away from the blog too.  I have lots of things that I want to post but for today I am sharing the guest link to my monthly post on Fashion Worked

I was lucky enough in the closing months of 2013 to be asked to do a monthly post for FashionWorked which is a website that I love reading and was thrilled to be asked.  Body image and confidence is really important to me and I hope that this is conveyed through what I say in these posts.

Today features the so called fashion rules that are imposed by both society and ourselves; and how important it is to throw them away.

Check it out here !



  1. Happy New Year! I hope you have a wonderful 2014 :) x

  2. Happy New Year! This sounds like an exciting opportunity for you!


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