18 January 2014

Cardinal Coat Review *

As a teenager and into my twenties I was never a fan of coats.  Maybe it is something to do with being a Northern girl, but outerwear and I never really agreed and I could never find a coat or jacket that enticed me to wear it.

Now I’ve reached my thirties my attitude has changed.  Quite possibly due to the number of years I have stood shivering at bus stops but these days, warm, cozy and stylish coats are always at the top of my wish list.

Today I have to show you a new grey and black speckled coat from Taking Shape.  I tend to wear a lot of different colours and patterns in my workwear and so was looking for a coat that would go with everything.

The Cardinal Coat has a large collar which keeps me warm in the cold months and the fabric is just the right thickness to be neither too cold or too warm.  The fit comes up a little bigger on me than usual but that said, I always like a little more room in my Winter coats to allow for the inevitably needed extra layers of clothing.

I am 5ft 4 and as you can see the coat falls to slightly below the knee.  There is stitch detailing to the sides and around the pockets and it has an asymmetric hemline.  For some reason every coat I have liked this season has not had pockets so it is a relief to have somewhere to put my gloves and MP3 player; essentials on a cold trip to work!

The only small downside that I have noticed about this coat is that there is only one large button to fasten it and on a windy day the coat does tend to fly open.  Also, due to my large bosom and very short waist the placement of the button doesn't sit well on my body.

I'm a firm believer that fashion should work for you, not the other way round.  I love the coat and would not let the placement of a button stop me wearing it so I decided to see what I could change.  The coat looks fantastic unbuttoned but also I found that by closing it at a lower point, this suited me much better.   As such, I have removed the button and have attached two inside press studs which close a few inches lower.

The result is as you see below.  The Cardinal coat works perfectly for me and I feel brilliant wearing it.  It goes with everything I have worn it with and have had compliments on how it looks.   

 photo DSC02294_zpsebcf0090.jpg

 photo DSC02297_zpsd280e2a3.jpg

 photo DSC02299_zps8fb81587.jpg

 photo DSC02300_zps10089333.jpg

I'm sure on a different body shape the coat will look perfect off the rack, but this is how it worked best for me.  You can find the Cardinal Coat here priced at £125.00 which for at coat that will go with everything and is a timeless shape and colour, is a good investment piece.

* This coat was gifted to me by Taking Shape however the opinion and review is my own.


  1. Love the style & colour of this coat. It looks great on you :-) The big collar & statement stitched detailed pockets make it very classy!

    x Roch & Tash x

  2. It's a lovely coat. Maybe put some poppers on it? You can get some pretty chunky ones these days, that ought to do the job. It looks so snuggly.

    1. I've put some poppers on a couple of inches down, you can't see them on the post but it's made a world of difference :)

  3. That's a really beautiful and timeless classic coat. There's something about grey tweed-type coats that I adore, and this one looks so warm and cosy. It's a shame about the button placement but maybe there's a way you could have a button hole or two added to the coat in the right places for you? (I don't know the first thing about sewing, so I don't know if it would be possible, but could be worth finding out). xx


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