16 December 2012

Shopping in Skipton

Some things are inevitable.  One of them is that it is impossible to go "window shopping" with your mother.  Do not try, it is folly.

On Saturday I went with my mum to Skipton for a wander around the shops and some lunch.  My intention was to wander but not purchase as I wanted to save my money for Christmas.  I got out of the car and I think within 3 minutes I had made my first purchase.  Oops.

Here's my outfit for the day, still channelling the red, white and blue look.

An actual pose!

Typically when I buy jewellery I prefer to buy British made and ideally something that supports local traders.   When I saw this lovely for the bargain price of £7, it had to be mine.  I'm not usually a statement necklace type of gal but my mum convinced me to buy it.  

I bought a few other bits and pieces, nothing exciting but my final purchase was my favourite.  We went into the local town hall which was having a craft fair in it's tiny hall.  

Now all of my life I have had a quirk when it comes to perfume bottles.  I tend to chose the perfume bottle first and the actual scent second, but I have been looking for the perfect perfume bottle forever.  The kind where you decant your perfume in and dab on like they used to do in the old movies.  

Here's the first in what I suspect will turn into a collection.  It's 1920's style, classic, clean lines and I love it.

Hello darling
Now on top of my wish list this Christmas, although I suspect given the price I may be buying it myself in the New Year is the perfume Oh Lola by Marc Jacobs which not only has a beautiful and distinctive scent, also had a lovely bottle.

Do you have something you want to collect?

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  1. Such a chic look! I have that top & have worn it so much with my red cardy! Love the mac too - getting the hang of this posing - looking good!! :-)


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