15 February 2012

This Post has no Point

I'm having one of those days.  You know those days, when for some reason (illness being my reason today), every person in the world irritates you.

Usually if I am having a bad day/in a bad mood etc I am able to mask how I am feeling and continue to be happy, smiling and polite to those around me.  This obviously helps when I am at work.  Office environments and bad moods don't go together.

Today though, there is no hiding it.  The office junior is irritating me (although to be fair, she has the brain the size of a pea and no common sense), my colleagues are irritating me, the boss' OCD querks are irritating me.  Every client I speak to is irritating me too, although I really do have to be nice to them, I would rather not get fired.

I made a sign for my office door.  I think it gives everyone fair warning.  The short way of saying if you piss me off today, I may kill you.

 Absolutely pointless post, but I do feel a bit better for having a mini rant.

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