20 February 2012

Extended Circles - Enter my Room 101

I have a rant.  It’s only a mini one about something silly, but if I don’t get it off my chest I may implode.  I don’t want that, it’s only Monday after all.

I have previously done a post on Google+ before see Google Plus, Well Not Much Actually  That was also a rant, done when Google+ was doing the popularity rounds and I was getting badgered from various people to join up.  

After a while I had another look at Google+ and found that, if you tailor it correctly to your needs, it actually can be quite useful.  Personally, although I do have a few friends on there, the main purpose of my account relates to this blog and people I have met through blogging.  It can be a useful tool in that respect to upload my new posts and also interact with other bloggers.

I also understand now the concepts of having different circles.  There are certain things that you would say to your friends that you wouldn’t to a work colleague.  You can make arrangements with people, organise events all without having the general public know.  For any status of a general nature you also have the option to open it up to the public, unrestricted.

All that is good.  I like it.  But, as always with me, I have a couple of issues which irritate the hell out of me.  I can’t help myself.  It makes my blood boil.  You could say that I need something to be actually angry at but then again, would you really want to see that?

So here we go with my mini rant.  

“Extended Circles”
I usually only use either my friend circle, blog circle or public option but today I noticed this “extended circles” option and curious as it what it was, I clicked.  The option to post your status to “all your circles and all people in your circle’s circles”.  

What the actual hell?  Whilst I can understand you may want to post something to someone specifically, why also to limited people, who you don’t know?  What can be so important and secret about your update that it is limited like that?  So you are allowing people you don’t know to see your status, but as they are “pre vetted” being are friends of friends they are ok?

When I decided to write this post, and indeed until about half way through writing it, I thought it was Google+ making my blood boil.  But it isn’t.  It’s the WAY people use it.  Whilst it is Google+ (I refuse point blank to call it G+) that have come up with the whole circle business, including the extended circles which is ridiculous and snobbish, it is the way that people are using the circles that irritate me.

I constantly see people’s updates with the “limited” option on or “extended circles” and 85% of the time I wonder why exactly that update is so special/important/secret/friend only that has to be limited or “extended”.  It may be a joke, or a quote or just a comment on someone’s day.  Why is that special?  It can’t be sensitive information or important information, because all of your circles can see it, and all of their circles too….

For me, what started out as a good idea of circles has turned into giving it’s users the belief that what they have to say is more important and more worthwhile than what others have to say.  

“Oh yes Mr Smith, you are allowed to see this update, but no no no!  You can’t see this another one!  This one is special, there are words with more than one syllable”. 

“Oh no Mrs Turner, I post on my Google+ every single day!  Well, you of course can’t see them all, you’re not important enough for that” 

I was only slightly irritated by Google+ before, but the “extended circles” option has tipped me over the edge.  Maybe because it’s Monday, maybe because I was due a rant but maybe, just maybe because Google+ users are turning out to be status snobs.

I’m done.


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