5 December 2022

How To Add More Privacy to Your Windows

 Most people enjoy having large windows that let a lot of light into their homes; we know that natural light is good for us, and our bodies work better with the right amount of natural light per day. The only problem is if you want to keep plenty of natural light and still have some privacy - it can be tricky to find the right window covering to help. 

Photo by Mike Cox on Unsplash

Window Privacy Screens

Many people use a window privacy screen, also sold as a bug screen, to add an extra layer of protection. These are great because they let in a large amount of natural light but offer a little more privacy due to their dark colour. And, of course, they keep mosquitoes and other unwanted insects out too! 

Window screens are a cost-effective option for most people because they can be very simple and attached just with velcro pads or a slot in a plastic frame. 

Window Film

Window film comes in a few different options; you must check which ones will work with your glass in advance. If you have floor-to-ceiling windows, then window film applied in strips can let in a lot of light but block out the view from the outside. 

Window film typically attaches to the window with static rather than a layer of glue, making them a great choice for renting or not wanting to make a big commitment. 

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters offer a few benefits, but one of the biggest is that they are one of the best options to let light in and still get plenty of privacy. All types of blinds are popular because they are stylish too, and they come in a range of colours, thicknesses and opening styles too. 

What’s more, is that they offer a varying amount of privacy based on which style and colour you choose. 

What makes blinds a great option is that as night falls, you can close them! Unlike many of the other options, you can have complete privacy if you choose to. 


Both voile and net curtains are the go-to options for people who want to maximise the light in their home and have a reasonably high level of privacy too. They do some in such a wide range of beautiful options there is something to suit every type of interior decoration. The great thing about voile is that it, too, comes in different fittings, so you can have panels or a long hanging piece of fabric. The choice is yours. 

Frosted Glass

If you want to make a bigger commitment to privacy, opt for either textured or frosted glass. Often frosted and textured glass is used for doors or windows that may look into the bathroom. However, you can opt for this type of window in any room you like. 

You might want to completely overhaul the look of your windows, and a replacement might be on the cards: Is It Time To Replace Your Home’s Old Windows? 

16 November 2022

Finding the Right Movers

 You may already know that moving is one of the most stressful life events that anybody can ever deal with. Whether you are moving to a new street because you are looking for a bigger house, or you are moving to a new state because you are looking for a better job, moving is going to be stressful regardless of what you do. You need to make this occasion, and it really is an occasion, be easy. 

You need to be able to wake up and feel excited that today is a moving day, even when you are long distance moving. Eliminating the stress and worry of moving is easier when you hire a great moving company to help you do it. Knowing that somebody is going to come and collect all of your belongings and take them to your new property in good condition is one of the best things about moving house. You need to know that you could feel reassured, and here are some of the best tips that you need for choosing a great moving company.


Image source: Pexels

  • Ask people for recommendations. The best thing you could do when you're looking for a moving company is to ask around. Getting some honest recommendations from friends and people that you trust is a good way to start. Ask people who have just moved to the area that you are planning to move to who they used to help them to do it. You can go ahead and do it alone, but it's always easier to hire a moving company. Do some of your own investigating as well, because what one person likes about their moving company you may not enjoy so much.

  • Get all quotes in writing. You know that a company is a good moving company when they provide you with all moving quotes and an estimate in writing. They should do this up front so that you have something up today intangible to be able to use so that when you are planning your move the goal posts are not going to change. You need to know all potential hidden costs, and you need to know what the insurance is going to cost as well.

  • Don't forget the red flags. There are actually some red flags to pay attention to when it comes to moving. Most customers don't actually see the red flags or they could even refuse to acknowledge them. If removal companies require you to put down the large deposit before the move has even taken place, reconsider using that company.

  • Ask questions. Good moving companies will always be upfront and transparent about their qualifications and their services. Don't be afraid to get all of your questions answered because no question of yours should be considered a burden. You should ask about local licenses, the qualifications, and whether they are properly insured. You deserve the very best for your move.


Moving house is always far easier when you have a moving company on your side, so don't be afraid to shop around and make the right choice.

6 April 2022

Is It Time To Replace Your Home’s Old Windows?


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Windows aren’t easy or cheap to replace. However, you could find that it’s worth the time and cost if your windows are very old. Many older windows have poor heat insulation, poor security and poor soundproofing qualities compared to newer windows. They may even let in drafts and moisture, and may negatively impact the value of your home. Below are just a few questions to ask yourself to determine whether it’s time to replace your windows. 

Are they in poor condition?

Windows in poor condition may devalue your home and leave your windows vulnerable to break-ins, water leaks and drafts. Of course, some damage is fairly easy and cheap to fix - you can easily repaint wooden frames that are flaking or replace a broken pane on a single window. You should be more concerned if most of your windows are showing signs of major damage such as rot, cracking or water leaks. In most cases, it’s usually easier to just replace all your windows than to try to repair such damage. 

Do they offer any insulation?

A lot of older windows are single-paned. Such windows can lose a lot of heat, resulting in your home getting colder faster in winter. This often means using more energy to heat your home. By switching to double glazing or triple glazing you could help to trap heat in your home longer and reduce your energy bills. Of course, there are many other options to help prevent heat loss from windows including adding thick curtains, installing shutters or using insulating film. These could be a cheaper alternative to installing new windows. 

How secure are they?

Another good reason to upgrade your windows could be to improve your home security. Many old windows do not have strong glass or frames, making it easy for a burglar to break in. Some old windows don’t even have locks on the inside. Upgrading to new windows could help to make your home safer. That said, there are other cheaper ways to keep your windows secure such as these Xceed security screens or security shutters. Consider these alternatives if you’re on a tight budget.

Do they add to the character of your home?

Old windows may not be worth replacing if they add to your home’s character. For example, historic timber windows are often worth preserving due to the charm and value that they can add to a property. You may even find that you’re not allowed to replace historic windows - certain features in old buildings are protected and you could face heavy fines for removing them. 

How much will they cost to replace?

When replacing windows, you should look into the cost to determine whether it’s truly worthwhile. This is likely to depend on how many windows your home has and how large they are. While you can replace one or two windows, they may look out of place with the rest of the windows if you don’t match them with the exact same style. This is why it’s often better to replace all your windows at once. Collect multiple quotes from different contractors to get an idea of the average price and decide whether you can financially stretch to it.