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9 May 2014

Plus Weddings

At some point when she is growing up, a little girl's thoughts invariably turn to what kind of dress she will wear to her wedding. I know that I spent many an hour as a child dreaming of wearing a beautiful princess dress with crystals and lace. Interesting I never thought about who the groom would be, just the dress so in that respect, nothing has changed!

I still love to look at wedding dresses now and wonder what kind of dress I would choose. Although I am a plus size girl I am very specific about the kind of dress that I would wear but I confess, at the back of my mind I always wondered if I would be able to find a store to accommodate me.

There could be nothing worse than wearing a dress on your wedding day that you didn't completely love. Buying a wedding dress should be a complete experience, working with the store to find just the right dress for you and not having to settle.

I recently heard about a store in London called Bijou Bridal Wear and decided to check out their site online. I knew that I had found a great place when I read their tagline:

Our dresses are not about what you 'should' wear to hide
but rather what you should wear to shine.”

I was chatting with the owner of Bijou Bridal Wear who has been a stylist herself for many years and her ethos behind buying a wedding dress with a plus size woman in mind is right on point. She says

 I take everything into consideration, size, style and personality when I work with a client and definitely wholeheartedly am against the idea of any bride having to cover up because they don't fit the profile of what is being advertised in magazines!”

She really understand that whatever size a woman is, she still wants fashion and that it is up to the client to dictate what she wants to wear, not the other way around.

Here are some of my favourite designs:

Screen Goddess anyone?

The detailing to the shoulders of this dress and the design
to the waist area is just exquisite

A real princess feel to this dress.
The skirt looks to have a thousand layers.

This is my absolute dream dress. Clean lines, gorgeous pleating
and more than a hint of va va voom!

The range goes from size 12 to a very impressive size 34 which is very rare to find in a wedding shop, especially one selling such beautiful designs. 

 Prices start at £490.00 and you can contact them via their Twitter pageFacebook page by Instagram or by telephone in order to arrange an appointment. Bijou Bridal Wear are currently organising a 15% off weekend in June so I would urge you to give them a follow and grab yourself a great discount!

Now will someone please find me a groom so I can wear dress number four?

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