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10 June 2011

Slut Means Speak Up

The slut walk - see this website for details :

A woman should be able to be who she wants, dress as she wants, work at want she wants without repercussion of judgement.  Time and time again, and I have heard it said myself, you hear "She deserved it, did you see what she was wearing?" or similar such comments.

Regardless of what you do, what you wear, no woman deserves to be raped and I guarantee that no woman is ever "asking for it".  We are in the 21st century, women have earned the right to be heard, to choose for themselves, to be their own person, the battle for women's rights has been going on for years and years, and yet still, we are judged for what we wear or who we are.

All women didn't have the vote until 1928 and before, and indeed after that, women had limited options.  The slightest different behaviour labelled you "fast" and if you were stuck in a bad, abusive marriage, you were stuck with it.  The next generation, like my mum, many of whom were still "the little women".  Job options were limited to the female type jobs, secretary, nurse etc but they did get to chose when to have a family.  The option then was clear though, career or family, you couldn't have both.

In my generation people say you can have it all.  Career of what you want, family, if and when you want.  Our options are limitless.  Yet still, our actions are judged more than men, the way we act, dress, do, work.

I do have a point I am trying to make here but am rambling as usual, the point is this.  We need to change our opinions and views on women so that when the worst happens and a woman is raped, she isn't judged by what she was wearing, how she was acting.  No woman deserves it.

We are who we are, we dress how we want, we do want we want.  You can't give us the freedom to be, do and work and then turn around and judge us for what we are.

See the website for a better view of what I am trying to say!